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Monday Night Monsters Football


Reviews:"Commanding your team in Monday Night Monsters is a blast…" - Super Game Droid"Instant fun, cute arcade game." - LinkedIn Blogger
It's Monday Night! It's time for Monday Night Monsters Football. Welcome to one-of-a-kind sports game that combines both turn-based tactics and real time live action arcade goodness.
Call timeout to pause the time and call your detail game plan strategy. Anticipate your opponents' moves. Assign your teammate to block for you or go forward to the open field so that you can pass them the ball.
Turn to live arcade action to see how it plays out while controlling the ball handler as a runner, rusher and passer.
Beware! Don't neglect your defenses or you'll find yourself in a losing position rapidly.
Features:★ Turn-based tactics to plan your gameplay strategy★ Run it live to see how it unfolds while maneuvering the ball handler★ Play progressively; 3vs3, 4vs4 and 5vs5★ Sharp and high quality graphics★ Easy to learn control★ In-game tutorial★ High replayability factor even after you beat the 5vs5 mode!★ Part American Football. Part Handball. Part turn-based tactics game. Part live arcade game
Download and play Monday Night Monsters Football. Master both football tactics and football arcade action. Plan your best strategy to beat the opponent. Find out if you are you going to be the winning goal scorer hero or the dud who throw an interception that cost the game?
► Rush like a Running Back► Pass like a Quarterback► Call your game plan like a Coach► … and Score Goals like a Champion!
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